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10-Sep-2017 11:08

In researching the Snet, Rodriguez discovered that the network, one of many that seem to stretch like cobwebs across Cuba's major cities, started up about five years ago and has, over the years, expanded with the help of literally thousands of "young people" without any help from the Cuban or any other governments.It is, he says, purely a thing born of the need to socialize, initially to socialize through video games.Over time that theory became more nuanced and the worry over a climatic Armageddon lost traction as nuclear détente brought the arms race to a close. And, in 2006, he began to develop new models based on more current nuclear antagonisms. We don’t wanna call it ‘nuclear spring,’ or ‘nuclear fall.’ We call it ‘nuclear famine’ sometimes.” These findings were big news, Robock thought.The models showed that even a small regional nuclear war could still decrease temperatures around the globe, possibly causing widespread declines in agricultural production. But, unlike in the 1980s, when nuclear winter theorists were greeted with urgent calls from world leaders and invitations to discuss the fate of the planet with the pope, Robock was met with little more than silence.

"It's like, for me it's the most magic place," says Fidel Rodriguez, a professor at the University of Havana department of journalism who has studied the Snet.

Robock demurred, explaining to the mystified waiter: “I’m supposed to give a talk this afternoon.” Clearly, Robock thought, Cuba seemed to have an abiding interest in his little corner of the research world.

But sharing a baseball diamond dates clear back to the 1880s for squads from Tampa and Cuba.

The Cubans wanted to hear about "nuclear winter," a theory Robock first noodled on in the 1980s.

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It had postulated that a nuclear war between the superpowers might chill the planet to such a degree that it would doom most of the living things on earth.The last rule of the Street Network is that you don't talk about the Street Network. For several years the clandestine Havana network of illegal Wi-Fi repeaters, lengths of high-speed network cable and squirreled away servers packed with pirated games, movies and music was sort of an open secret.

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