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14-Jan-2018 20:41

Less than a mile from quaint downtown Powell, the women were living in a storefront massage parlor. They bathed there, cooked there and slept on massage tables that by day were used for men who expected more than a shoulder rub.

In a region where state financial support for people with disabilities is very rare, massage gives blind people a highly valued and specialized role in society, and provides them with the means to make a living.

Massage schools and associations specifically for blind people exist across Southeast Asia, offering training, a way into employment and a community. In Cambodia, The Association for the Blind trais masseurs, and in Sihanoukville, Phnom Penh and Siem Reap, they operate businesses under the name Seeing Hands, specializing in blind massage.

The National Council for the Blind in Malaysia offers blind massage with a list of traditional blind masseurs on its website Indonesia, blind massage is called “pijat tuna netra” and small signs for these blind massage clinics can be found across the region.

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