Girls guide to dating a vampire

09-Feb-2018 06:43

Young women, barely teenagers, devoted to a supernatural being, consumed by a forbidden love, against the wishes of authority, be it their families or society at large. Rose of Lima was so beautiful that it was almost impossible to ward off potential mates and keep her love true.

I enjoyed this book a lot, especially nowadays when every talk in town, especially girl’s gossips consisted of vampires, romance and gothic, well, this a good take, anew taste of vampirism, since this is light and funny, and surely recommended for all ages, there’s no horrid nor goric thoughts in this. They don't even KNOW if any of the male characters ARE vampires for sure and that was after 146 pages. I tried really hard to get into this plot, but by the 50% mark it took a complete nose dive for me and never recovered. Not sure if I care to read about the main character about to get it on with the mysterious guy that she's known for 3 days while her friend is in the next room practically giving color commentary on the action. Too much sitting around making cutesy jokes about the skinny BFF's fast metabolism and the MC not getting laid. I mean, come on, I thought I was getting a vampire book. You will be waiting and waiting and waiting for actual vampire action..then the book ends.The book is nicoriginally appeared on: Bookshelf Confessions Fang’s Rule is a teenage girls guide to being a Vampire , that said, this a guide from A-Z which is all about a vampire’s lifestyle, etc,.

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Litteraturvetare för tillfället mitt i författande av masteruppsats "Den manliga sexualiteten i moderna vampyrromaner".

Nördar gärna ned mig bland vampyrer, Strindberg, Shakespeare, Fogelström och Lundell.