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Call: 01462 474000 (9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday) Textphone: 01462 474800 Payments service: 0300 4560535 (24 hours a day) Out of Hours in an Emergency (homelessness, environmental health, street cleaning, parks, public buildings, car parks) Call: 03 Our correspondence address for Planning, Council Tax, Benefits, Business Rates, Environmental Health, Housing, Licensing and Local Land Charges is: North Hertfordshire District Council PO Box 10613 Nottingham NG6 6DW Documents sent to the previous address are automatically being re-directed to this new address.You can work out what equipment would make your life easier by using a website called "Ask Sara".By clicking the button below you agree to terms and conditions set out above.

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We'll also tell you if you need to pay towards your care. If you're an unpaid carer, you can ask us for a carers assessment.

If you find our web chat service is unavailable, you may find the answer or solution by searching our website.